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May 30th 2017

The best hidden spots in London.


I know, you’re probably sat at your desk staring down at your morning coffee, watching it swirl around as your brain tries to switch into work mode. Read more...

May 19th 2017

The Top 5 Most Interesting Android Wallpaper Apps of 2017.


There are stacks and stacks of Wallpaper Apps out there, so knowing which one to choose can be tough. Most of them do a very similar job and display nice colourful images, whether it's landscapes, sunflower fields or fantasy art, but few do anything extraordinary. Read more...

April 14th 2017

Happy Hour Wallpapers? Earn Commission from your Instagram pics.


Timeout Meets Instagram. We're calling all Londoners and amateur photographers who take great snaps, whether it's your favourite hidden spot or simply what you had for breakfast (as long as it wasn't a left over curry).... Read more...

November 25th 2016

3 factors to determine a successful media platform.


Choosing where to shout about your brand is becoming an ever increasing struggle. Brands are simply finding it tough keeping up with our ever changing social landscape... Read more...

November 5th 2016

Top 10 brands using Instagram in 2016.

Top 10 Instagram brands

Instagram is still on the rise as it becomes a rose tinted window into people's daily lives. Instagram is how we want our lives to be depicted if our lives were a book full of images, perfectly cropped and colour corrected. Read more...

October 27th 2016

Top 5 sites to find Spooky Wallpapers for your Phone Background this Halloween.

DIY wallpapers

When it comes to our phone backgrounds most of us save photos of loved ones, friends or just our favourite holiday sunset. However why not pimp your phone by sourcing your own artwork. Read more...

October 25th 2016

How do you create an 'uplifting' experience for your consumers?

Consumer Loyalty

We hear the word 'uplifting' used more and more in today's world as it's not enough for brands to offer great experiences, they need to be 'uplifting'. So what this fluffy word means is that brands are increasigly trying to retain consumers and offer better experiences, improving lives if you will. Read more...

October 23rd 2016

Belong just featured at the Apps World Exhibition, Excel Centre London.

Apps World

We've just got back from a busy but great few days demoing 'Belong' at the Apps World Exhibition Centre. Really great to have met so many new faces along with some brilliant startups. Read more...

October 15th 2016

Ever thought your phone wallpapers could keep you up-to-date with the world around you?

Adapting wallpapers

We will be launching a Belong plug-in that lets brands like Yplan, Timeout and Fromigo show their users what's happening around them via wallpapers that subtly adapt to their surroundings. Read more...

July 5th 2016

What Mobile writes an article about Belong.

Article about Belong

Check out the full article here on the What Mobile website 'New App Belong gives money for testing wallpapers'. Alternatively you can read it here. Read more...