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October 15th 2016

Ever thought your phone wallpapers could keep you up-to-date with the world around you?

It's not long now until we'll be launching our Android plug-in!

We would love to know what you guys think of our App! With Belong brands like Yplan, Timeout and Fromigo will all be able to show their users what's happening around them via wallpapers that subtly adapt to their surroundings. So, for example lets just say that you have Yplan's App and you like going to art galleries and gigging with your friends. Now with Belong's plug-in you'll know when you're near an art gallery via your phone background changing to display the artist's work. OR if you're near a gig that's about to happen then your phone background might change to show the band playing. If something catches your eye you can then simply tap your background to go straight to event.

We look at our phones roughly 214 times per day.

That number's only going to increase as we move into the future and have more and more devices. So why not use this often unused space on our home screen as a platform to serve great content? Thanks to Android's operating system being open and collaborative we're able to serve relevant content straight to the user's home screen without them even unlocking their phone. So as an event App consumers could know what's happening around them by simply glancing at their phone. Our platform will be open for brands to do with as they wish. Brands will be able to create their own wallpaper groups that react on behaviours relevant to their users.

We're not just for brands.

Belong won't just be for brands. We want you all of your to play with it so we're releasing a Belong App on the Play Store for anyone to download. We want to see what cool things you can create with our CMS. You might want to create a treasure hunt using your phone backgrounds to display daily location based clues for your friends to follow. Or you might just use it to share cool stuff! That's right, you can invite friends to share and synchronise with your wallpapers, so they'll see what you see!

How do you create your own awesome wallpapers?

You have access to your own account where you can import and create your own wallpaper groups. You then choose how you want them to behave, whether they're triggered by weatherm time or location. You might have just come back from a holiday and want to circulate your memories with 5 friends. To do so you simply setup your group, import the images and invite friends with an Android device to share it. You could even add people you're following on Instagram so you get Instagram feed straight to your phone background. So no more fear of missing out on great content!