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November 5th 2016

Top 10 brands using Instagram in 2016.

Instagram is still on the rise as it becomes a rose tinted window into people's daily lives. Instagram is how we want our lives to be depicted if our lives were a book full of images, perfectly cropped and colour corrected. More and more people are enjoying this self censored form of expression. Through Instagram's vast array of filters it enables anyone with a Smartphone to feel like a professional photographer, documenting the interesting moments they experience to be shared with the world. In 2015 there were around 400 million Instagram users and in 2016 that number has risen to 500 million.

1. - National Geographic

62.7 million followers Now it may seem like an obvious choice as everyone knows that the National Geographic are renowned for their breath taking photography. As a result they have the second highest number of users, just below Nike at first place. The National Geographic allow us mere mortals to experience exotic far away lands from the comforts of our own home or device as long as we have wifi! This brand really are an advocate for Instagram.

2. - GoPro

10.6 million followers GoPro are similar in that they capture amazing shots of the outdoors. Their attitude has a little more energy and is about capturing those hard to get shots. They're a great place to go if you've got a hunger for adventure and want to treat your eyes to some excitement.

3. - MVMT

626k followers MVMT are my favourite watch brand in terms of their business model and the way they portray themselves online. They know exactly how to capture the attention of their target audience on social media and are a true pro on Instagram. All other watch brands are following in their stead but it'll be a while before they can catch up.

4. - Muji

436k followers We know that the Japanese are an innovative bunch, so it's no surprise that the japanese retailer Muji floods instagram with smart, creative and intricate design inspiration. They're very well executed images, each offering you something a little quirky. They're a purist brand and it's certainly reflected in their Instagram feed.

5. - Auto Trader

18.5k followers Auto Trader come across as the underdogs with only 18.5 k followers, however they deserve to pick up traction with their artwork. As a brand that deals in second hand cars, their instagram photos consist of images I'd have printed and stuck on my teenage bedroom wall. I like it as their Instagram seems a step removed form their website, as it appears to glamourise the brand, almost giving it an alter ego. They're certainly a brand to watch out for on this space!

6. - Nespresso

225k followers We all love Nespresso, well at least those of us that drink coffee. Coffee is a very sensual product, offering you a spectrum of aromas and hints of flavour like a fine wine. So as a coffee brand you need to represent these delivate flavours in anyway possible to pique your consumers interest and I think Nespresso do it well. Nespresso have a mix of images from George Clooney behind hte scenes to beautifully art directed shorts of coffee. A little coffee porn if you like.

7. - Lonely Planet

971k followers I know we've already showed the National Geographic, but I felt that the Lonely Planet deserved a place here as no doubt the National Geographic gets enough coverage. Although they're number seven on my list I'd say they're the number one travel brand on Instagram. They have a mix of fun images mixed in with some top notch photography.

8. - Staples

19.5k followers Staples has appeared on a few lists for the best brands using Instagram and I can see why. Selling anything from HP printers to Pritt Stick Staples is a particularly exciting retailer when it comes to their products but on Instagram it's as if they're a wholey differnt beast. They're fun, smart and creative with their choice of imagery often composed of stationary in strange locations. It's their ability to make something potentially very dry and turn it into something visually exciting.

9. - Victoria's Secret

47.1 million followers How could I resist? I am a red blooded male after all and Victoria's Secret are mostly angels sent down to taunt us and that's exactly what this Instagram feed does. They weren't at the top because that would be too easy since they are an exceptionally good looking brand in the real world. So their Instagram doesn't have to try very hard to reflect this. None the less the photography is jaw droppingly good and well the models aren't so bad either.

10. - Behance

201k followers Last but not least is Behance. Now I've already mentioned Behance in a previous post because I think they're a great brand in terms of the artwork they create. After all their job is to sell the portfolios of designers and illustrators. So it's a no brainer that they would be a great place to go for if your stuck for design ideas. They know how to use Instagram to theur advantage and I believe it's one of the best places they could exist online for prospective clients.