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October 27th 2016

Top 5 sites to find Spooky Wallpapers for your Phone Background this Halloween.

When it comes to our phone backgrounds most of us save photos of loved ones, friends or just our favourite holiday sunset. However why not pimp your phone by sourcing your own artwork? Find what inspires you and save it to your home screen so you get a daily reminder of the cool things you encounter each day. Your phone background should be put to more creative use.

1. - Dribbble

First on the list is Dribble. It's a fantastic site if your after wierd and wonderful artwork. No matter what mood, genre or occasion you'll be sure to find something that'll stand out on this site. It exists as a place for designers to share their work and get some free PR. You can view the artwork by what's most popular and which has had the most comments.

2. - Pinterest

It's a bit of a no-brainer as almost everyone's heard of Pinterest so it's got to make it onto the list. The great thing about Pinterest is that you're able to create your own boards of inspiration to share with friends or co-workers. Creative agnecies use pinterest all the time when looking for some visual ammunition to wow clients. You could also use it for wedding or party planning as you're simply creating your own virtual pin board. I like to walk around with my sketch pad in my pocket to make sure I don't miss an idea if I have one. Now sure phone's are there for us to type our own little memos but I like ot stay in the anologue world, plus it's easier to doodle. Sites like Pinterest help you save things that catch your eye when you're browsing the web so you don't forget those little gems.

3. - Behance

Behanace is a collective of artists and designers showcasing their work to the world. It's a little like Dribbble in the sense that it's a site populated by designers and illustrators hoping to get noticed. Because of this the quality of the work is so high and it's a great source of content for aspiring designers or even the casual browser.

4. - Ffffound

Ffffound is less well known, but it's a portal into the weierd and wonderful, with lots of creative oddities that have been, as they say, found, dug up and stumbled upon. The site doesn't look great and the UI is verging on the medieval but as they say, less is more. If you look hard enough you'll find some cool content on this site nad you can trawl back all the way to the start of the blog, if you have the time, and I mean A LOT of time.

4. - Dutch Uncle

Last but not least! Now these guys are a collective of successful industry renowned designers and artists. These are the guys you pay big bucks to commission a picture and most likely it'll be an advert. However the quality of work is, as you would expect, pretty amazing. Noma Bar is my personal favourite as he creates some of the most iconic and beautifully simple visual metaphors the world has ever seen, rivalling the equally incredible Abram Games.