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May 30th 2017

The best hidden spots in London.

I know, you’re probably sat at your desk staring down at your morning coffee, watching it swirl around as your brain tries to switch into work mode. The weekend’s over but cheer up, the week can only get better!

We now have a selection of amazing places in London and across the UK for you to explore with our Android Wallpaper App. The urban jungle is calling for you, go forth and conquer! Now, you might be thinking that you don't have what it takes to become an Urban explorer, and that you're more of a sit-on-the-sofa-with-Netflix kinda person, well today you can change that. You don't need a compass or a map to carve your journey through the sprawling streets, just a smartphone with sufficient battery. I know how long a morning commute can drag on but now you can turn your commute into a sightseeing tour. You never know, you might discover that hidden coffee shop whilst sat on a train, or that roof top garden paradise when you’re half asleep slouched at the bus stop. You could become the next big urban explorer, make Ray Mears and Bear Grylls seem like GAP year students.

Bricklane Graffiti

If you're visiting London for just a weekend then you have to swing by London's coolest borough. Around Bricklane there are an assortment of hidden treasures and graffiti hotspots for your eyes to enjoy. You might have to make a few turns off the beaten track to find the best places. The quality of the graffiti is astounding. So if you want to save money on visiting art exhibitions then this is your free alternative.

Kyoto Gardens

If you've had a stressful day and you need to unwind and gather your thoughts like Steve Jobs (RIP), then take a slow walk through the Kyoto Gardens. These gardens are a pocket of tranquility nestled in the heart of the city. You honestly wouldn't know you're still in London as there's not a CCTV camera in sight. Now the real show piece is the Peacocks who run the place. When you're there you live by their rules, it's a great chance for you to pay your respects to these magnificent creatures.

JunkYard Golf

Becoming more and more well known is Junk Yard Golf. Probably a prime birthday and date venue if you want something a little wacky to do in the evenings. Underground the Truman Brewery runs a huge network of crazy gold courses. From a Trump themed masterpiece to Lord of the Bling. It's normally full of life and with bars dotted around you're never too far away from an exotic concoction.

Aqua Roof Top Bar

This is slightly more upmarket and you might need to adhere to a rather smart dress code on some occasions. Mostly this means no trainers. Aqua rooftop is right by Oxford Street Station as you walk towards Hamleys taking the back street. As you enter you're politely greeted and told to make your way to the 5th floor via the lift. As you arrive on the 5th floor you're transported into a world of chic luxury. If you walk through the sushi restaurant you'll find the roof top with stunning views over London. Alcoholic drinks are a little pricey but you can always go there and have a coffee.

Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace is truly breathtaking. It's situated on top of a hill with great views around London. There's always something going on at this London Venue, whether it's ice skating in winter or a gig.

Highgate Cemetery

If you want to get lost, then this is the place to do it. Just stepping foot inside this cemetery transports you to a lost world. It's a very peaceful place to visit and spend time with some of London's long forgotten historical figures. There are some magnificent tombs emanating status and wealth, overgrown with wild plants as time has slowly taken it's course.

Doodle Bar

If you're like me and spent every maths lesson as a kid doodling in my textbook then this is the bar for you. The walls display a visual history of babblings and scribbles from anyone who's armed with a pen. It's an unusual place to visit and definitely worth checking out if your journeys takes you south west of the river.

Cafe Cairo

This is a brilliant little bar that few will know about. Lets be honest, anywhere that give you access to free toast and jam is a winner. It's one of the cosiest bars I've been to in London and it's got such a chilled out atmosphere. Perfect if you want to zone out for a few hours with a book or just a couple of mates. The interior is as you would expect from entering a fortune tellers tent in a travellers circus... lots of cushions, drapes and a general assortment of textiles. This gets my vote as one of the most comfortable hidden gems.

St Dunstan-in-the-East

Last but not least is this remarkable church ruin. After all who doesn't like a good ruin? It's a really interesting place to wander through, and even a little eerie. It's packed full interesting features and magical spots where the sun fills the space. You can feel as if you're the only soul for miles around. If you never want to miss out on great places near you then sign up to Belong today. Belong is an Android App that lets you know what's happening nearby via smart Android wallpapers that react to your surroundings. It's completely free. Go forth and explore!