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October 23rd 2016

Belong just featured at the Apps World Exhibition, Excel Centre London.

For all those who want to know how adaptive wallpapers can benefit your business.

We've just got back from a busy but great few days demoing 'Belong' at the Apps World Exhibition Centre. It was really great to have met so many new faces along with some brilliant startups. We also got to demo some pretty cool VR!

This was our first time demonstrating Belong at the event and we're very keen to exhibit again next year. We were there to show brands how they can harness phone wallpapers as a way to serve uplifting and relevant content to their users; So essentially how Belong can function as a mobile billboard, but instead of ads we would use it to show branded content that users want, based on their own preferences.

No one wants intrusive mobile ads on their phone.

There's a big problem today as users are increasibgly worried about their data and being leaked and then hounded by ads that re-target them based on what sites they go to. We want to change this and create a platform where both brands and consumers benefit. We pitched our idea to a panel of investors and it seemed to go down well. There were lots of start-ups all in the same boat so it was a good experience just to learn how they approach their business and the all-important trick to getting users! We'll be taking Belong on tour to future events so look out for us if you're at an App convention and come and say hi!