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October 25th 2016

How do you create an 'uplifting' experience for your consumers?

Brands need innovation to offer uplifting content on mobile devices.

We hear the word 'uplifting' used more and more in today's advertising world. It's not enough for brands to use the usual advertising channels like TV, press and social media. Brands need to push the boundaries of technology and find ways to broaded their offering through innovation. Whether that's a Nike running App that comes free with your trainers or an exclusive membership where you get the latest news and products before anyone else. The term coined is 'uplift' and what this fluffy word means is essentially that brands are increasingly trying to retain consumers by offering better experiences, improving lives if you will. A successful campaign converts consumers into life long brand ambassadors. It's not enough to spend budget on advertising to sell a message, they need to spend money to build technology to immerse users in the brand. Innovation is key to a brands success and lack of innovation can lead to a brand's demise. Finding new ways to keep consumers satisfied and make their lives easier should be at the core of every consumer product, but it's not always easy.

So what platforms are out there?

There has been some debate over the BBC's move to gather postcodes to offer personalised TV to their audience. Many users want the choice to choose what they want. Now there comes a point where we try to tell people what they like and of course this will be met with resistance. We like to be able to choose what we want. Personlaation can be highly rewarding however it also scares people, we don't want everyone knowing everything about us so there's a fine line and brands need to be careful.

There are loads of great ideas springing to life each day. Smart platforms come in all shapes and sizes, each rewarding users for engagment, this is an interesting article in Forbes. Gone are the days of intrusive pop-up ads, we're ushering in a new era, an era of rewarding and personalised experiences.