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April 14th 2017

Happy Hour Wallpapers? How to earn commission from your Instagram pics.

Ever wondered how neat it would be if you could know when you're near a bar that's offering Happy Hour to it's customers? Well your thirst is about to be quenched! The founders at Belong are calling for Londoners and Instagram Influencers who take great snaps, whether it's photos of your favourite hidden spot or simply what you had for breakfast (as long as it wasn't a left over curry). They want you to share your favourite places with the world.

This is a great opportunity for people to get their Instagram pics converted into location based wallpapers and join the hall of Instagram fame! The next time you and your friends are walking past that hidden cocktail bar they might see your photo appear on their home screen! It's not just cockatila bars but cinemas, exhibitions, gigs, you name it! Within the coming months these wallpapers will also be able to react to your local weather and time of day so watch this space.

Now the best part is that you'll earn money each time someone interacts with one of your images. Click here to register your Instagram account today. Belong is due to launch in the next month so they want the very best content flattery can buy. Once you've signed up with Belong they'll set you up with a demo account so you can see what shots made the grade. It's completely free but they have to be very selective unfortunately so if a photo is a little blurry or has people in it then the chances are that we won't use it. Think what you would want to have as a wallpaper on your phone.

The aim is to squeeze the very best images out of you guys and encourage you to keep on exploring and photographing.

If you don't think you have the right type of shots then you can always sign up as a user on our website so we can notify you when we launch. - Sign up here

You never know, it might give you enough time to get out and get snapping!