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Earn unique rewards with brands by
saving their wallpapers to your phone.

Belong launch date 15th September 2016
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Unlock rewards with your favourite brands

We believe phone wallpapers could be more rewarding. Belong is an advertising platform that gives something back to you, the consumer. Our Android App rewards users for downloading wallpapers from their favourite brands. In return for this space on their phone users receive offers and deals that get better with time, so the longer they keep the background artwork. Brands benefit from monitoring user impressions and users get bespoke artwork with personalised deals.

We're also looking for awesome brands. If you're a consumer retailer then we'd love to hear from you. We still have time to get you onboard in time for launch. Just fill out our contact form and we promise to get back to you.

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It's time for wallpapers to get creative! Our mission is to make backgrounds more engaging and above all, rewarding. If you've got any great ideas for a wallpaper then please get in touch as we'd love to hear them.


We want to push the boundaries of interactive backgrounds. This is for those who want their phones to talk back to them.

Static or Animated

Static wallpapers are great if you want something nice to look at. If you find it hard to stand still and like things moving then animated wallpapers might be more your thing.


Get up-to-date with all the latest offers

We want to update you guys with all the latest offers from your favourite brands. This will help you decide which brands to choose so you can get the offers that best suit to you! Some brands will have greater ladders to climb and they will re-set with new offers once you've made your way to the top.

Enjoy with friends.

So once you've spent enough time with your wallpaper you'll be able to reap the rewards in the form of voucher codes. Simply activate the code when you're ready to use it and enjoy! Invite friends and they’ll instantly climb to your rank so you can share the deals together.

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