Wallpapers with
Real Benefits

Transform your consumer's phone
backgrounds into a live canvas
for uplifting and relevant content.

Launch date January 2017
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Imagine wallpapers that reacted to their surroundings...

You can now put your unused phone backgrounds to use. With our plug-in every device could display your brand, but not only that, content relevant to the user, content that could improve their day to day lives. Users could have instant access to news and events nearby without even unlocking their phone. Belong converts wallpapers into a visual canvas that change based on behaviours like location, weather and time. Using Android’s technology we are able to monitor how users interact with their wallpapers such as the number of daily impressions, along with detailed analytics.

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Each wallpaper will be triggered based on your location and proximity to the nearest event so that we'll only ever display content relevant to where you are. So if there's an art exhibition nearby then the art will appear as your wallpaper. If it catches your eye you can tap the bottom right of your screen and go to the event website.


Whether it's snowing, raining or a hot sunny day your wallpapers will adapt to show you the content relevant to the weather near you. So you'll be able to find plenty of bbqs in the summer and pubs with a fire when it's a little colder.


No matter what time of day it is there's always something happening, it might be a gig or happy hour at a local bar. Each wallpaper will change based on priorities so if there's something happening near you for a limited time only then that wallpaper will be activated.


Users can follow their progress and be rewarded for loyalty

Not only will users have great artwork on their phone they'll be able to see how long they've had the wallpapers active. Brands can opt to reward users for their loyalty based on their interests and the the number of days, months or years that they've had the wallpaper plug-in active.


Admin Portal for all your analytics needs...

Each brand will get an admin account along with access to a personalised dashboard, from which you can control and monitor the wallpapers that you want to be displayed to your users. Most importantly you'll know what wallpapers and events are popular amongst your audience.

Enjoy with friends.

Our App is geared around making life more social. We all want to find the best things to do and see. As a user; if your friends have the Belong Plug-in then it will notify you if your friends are interested in the same event. Sharing great experiences with friends is very important in our books so a brand may offer deals and discounts that your friends can be invited to share.

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