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Belong, know what's happening around you
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Launch date January 2017
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Imagine wallpapers that react to their surroundings

We look at our phones roughly 214 time per day and that number's only going to increase as we have more and more devices. You can now put your unused phone backgrounds to use! Belong converts wallpapers into live canvases that change based on behaviours like location, weather and time. Our App gives everyone a chance to experience things happening around them via subtly changing wallpapers, so no more fear of missing out. Download our App and have a play!

We're also a plug-in

Belong also offers a plug-in for brands that already have their own Android App and for those that don't. Anyone with the Belong plug-in will be able to display relevant, branded content directly to their users' home screen. Users will have instant access to events nearby without even unlocking their phone; not only that but it personalises content they want to see. Using Android’s technology we are able to monitor how users interact with their wallpapers through things like the number of daily impressions and a whole host of analytics. If you're a brand and would like to know how our App could help you then just fill out our contact form and we promise to get back to you.

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Wallpapers can be triggered based on your location and proximity to the nearest brand event so that we can display content relevant to where you are. So if there's an art exhibition nearby then the art will appear as your wallpaper. If it catches your eye you can tap the top right of your screen and go straight to the website.


Whether it's snowing, raining or a hot sunny day your wallpapers will adapt to show you the content relevant to the weather near you. You'll be able to find plenty of bbqs in the summer and pubs with a fire when it's a little colder.


No matter what time of day it is there's always something happening, it might be a gig or happy hour at a local bar. Each wallpaper will change based on priorities so if there's something happening near you for a limited time only then that wallpaper will be activated.


Brands can now finally monitor conversion rates.

With Belong as a plug-in brands can now serve location based offers and promotions straight to a consumer's phone home screen. This means that users will be far more likely to engage with the content. If a user's walking around town and there's an in-store offer just round the corner then they can use a promo code to activate it, allowing us to track the conversion rate.


Changing consumer behaviour.

Our challenge is to change consumer behaviour and make branded content rewarding. No one likes intrusive advertising from brands. We want to create content that improves lives.


Users can follow their progress and be rewarded for loyalty

Not only will users have great artwork on their phone they'll be able to see how long they've had the wallpapers active. Brands can opt to reward users for their loyalty based on their interests and the the number of days, months or years that they've had the wallpaper plug-in active. This means users will get personalised offers so it's win win.


Admin Portal for all your analytics needs...

Each brand will get access to the admin account along with a personalised dashboard, from which they can control and monitor the wallpapers that they want to be displayed to the users. Most importantly you'll know what wallpapers and events are popular amongst your audience.

Number of impressions

You'll be able to monitor everytime a user looks at their home screen; so each impression. This helps determine the CTR and allows you upgrade and improve your artwork.

Most valued users

Via the Admin Portal you'll have access to in depth analystics of your user's behaviour so you'll know the users that have engaged the most with their backgrounds.

Most popular artwork

Knowing which artwork has been engaged with the most will give you an inishgt into what your consumers want.


Enjoy with friends.

Our App is geared around making life more social. We all want to find the best things to do and see. As a user; if your friends have the Belong Plug-in then it will notify you if your friends are interested in the same event. Sharing great experiences with friends is very important in our books so a brand may offer deals and discounts that your friends can be invited to share.

Pricing Structure

We've based our pricing on the number of active users. So your users can click and tap the wallpapers as much as they want and you'll only get charged a set amount.



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